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Birthdate:Jul 25, 1985
Location:North Carolina, United States of America
me: english major @ UNC. grammar nazi. animal lover. vegetarian. computer addict. cat and dog owner. bisexual. liberal. canadian at heart. serial fandom monogamist.

tv. Merlin. Due South. Stargate: Atlantis. Queer as Folk US. The Sentinel (lol). Big Wolf on Campus (also lol).
movies. Star Trek. Velvet Goldmine. LOTR.
music. Placebo.
books. Harry Potter. Chronicles of Narnia. Good Omens.
OTPs. Kirk/Spock. Merlin/Arthur. Harry/Snape. Sirius/Remus. John/Rodney. Jim/Blair. Fraser/RayK. Tommy/Merton. Brian Molko/Steve Hewitt. Brian Slade/Curt Wilde. Colin Morgan/Bradley James. Zachary Quinto/Chris Pine. Dominic Monaghan/Elijah Wood.

This is mostly a fannish journal, in which I ramble about my current obsession(s). I sometimes do post about real life, but it usually has a fannish tinge to it.

friending. please do friend me if you like! I love new friends ♥ I might not friend you back, but that's only because I already have trouble keeping up with the flist. It's nothing personal, I promise, and 99% of my posts are public, so you're not actually missing out on anything. Feel free to defriend at will, as well.

profile layout. [community profile] sixteen

The Dangerous World
by Naomi Replansky

I watched you walk across the street,
Slightly stooped, not seeing me,
And smiled to see that mixture of
Clumsiness, grace, intensity.

Then suddenly I feared the cars,
The streets you cross, the days you pass.
You hold me as a glass holds water.
You can be shattered like a glass.

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actual cannibal zayn malik, androgyny, bb fine, bb fine's drunk dancing, benton fraser, big wolf on campus, bisexuality, black books, black bras and wifebeaters, blue hoodies, books, boy kissing, boys in eyeliner, brian molko, brian/steve, bugles, c. s. lewis, callum keith rennie, canada, chicago blackhawks, chloroform, christian bale, concerts, concrit, crowley/aziraphale, cupcakes, dom/elijah, dominic monaghan, drawstrings, dsl, due south, edmonton oilers, elijah wood, england, facefucking in the bushes, fanfic, faulkner, flatbed trucks, flipflops with clear straps, fraggle rock, fraser/kowalski, french, fug hats, fullhouseclub, glitter, grammar, harold, harry and louis fucking all day erryday, harry potter, harry styles, harry/louis, hockey, iggy pop, indie music, jim/blair, johncho, kevin smith, kock, laqueento, liam payne, literature, lost, lotr, lotrps, louis tomlinson, mckay/sheppard, merlin, merlin/arthur, mexican sex villain, monkeys, montreal, monty python, moribund, mst3k, muffins, music, narnia, niall horan, noah, nobeseses wind, omgtheirloveissocanon, one direction, oscar wilde, pants, paul gross, photography, pine nuts, pinto, placebo, plaid, pocket porn paradise, polaroids, polygamy, princess whitelaw, project runway, queer as folk, ravens, ray kowalski, robert smith, ryan smith, sabotaaaage, sacrosanct, sasan, scrapbooking, sephora, sga, shakespeare, sirius/remus, slash, snape, snape/harry, sparkly dancing boys, spork, star trek, steak, surprise!karl-heinz, the beatles, the cure, the flan, the hewlett, the sentinel, the smiths, three hands, tofu, tommy/merton, touchy boy love, vans, vegetarianism, velvet goldmine, walking posts, weird clogs, wisconsin, writing, x-files, zayn malik, zq
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